Middle School Madness-The Musical (MSM) is a theater arts program where messages of inspiration, acceptance and camaraderie are shared via a local youth cast with their friends, families, and communities.

This musical theater performance is seen through the eyes of seventh grade president “Maggie”, eighth grade president “Darnell”, vice-president “Eddie” and their friends, these youngsters transport the audience from the rollicking ride to school “On The Bus”, rapping their REAL feelings about their school’s “Lunch Menu”, mimicking their teachers, dealing with their first crushes, experiencing friends who suffer depression and contemplate suicide, those who experience bullying, dealing with peer pressure and taking a stand on social issues. Cleverly written vignettes are wrapped around eighteen original songs that range from classic musical theater style to the more popular hip-hop, salsa, rock n’roll, gospel, and beautiful expressive ballads.


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