*Executive Producer & Music Director

Jovita Bernard


Bernard is a professional pianist by trade and runs her own performing arts academy in Upstate NY. With her music education obtained from London, UK and a business degree from US, Bernard has successfully integrated her skills in both to spear head MSM-The Musical from its inception as a script and raw music. Beginning in September 2011 when Bernard and James Pentaudi first started discussion on MSM-The Musical, to just under twelve months later, Bernard together with her agency, Academy of Performing & Creative Arts in Clinton, NY was able to pull together a cast, train them with the help of James Pentaudi, arranged the music to its completed form and premiered the full stage    presentation at Mohawk Valley Community College in July 2012! Bernard’s passion and dedication in working with youth is well know and respected and her commitment to seeing a project come to fruition is legendary among her circle of friends and acquaintances!


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