*Playwright & Composer

James PentaudiPentaudiImage

James Pentaudi is a prolific writer and composer.  His unique ability is to inspire his audiences by reaching their hearts and soul through his written word and his music. Pentaudi currently has a catalog of seven musical plays and eight hundred songs. He has performed around the country performing his one-man play “Life Is A Musical” and “An Evening With James Pentaudi”

In 2011 James saw a dream come true when his youth musical, Middle School Madness-The Musical (MSM) premiered in Clinton, NY through a series of small cabaret productions. His work was well received by the local community and together with local pianist and music arranger, Jovita Bernard premiered the full play at Mohawk Valley Community College’s theater summer of 2012.  Following the success of the performance casted by local youth, MVCC’s administration hosted an encore performance of MSM in November of 2012 as a part of their cultural series. In November of 2013 Vernon Verona Sherill (VVS) Middle School became the first New York State public school to produce Middle School Madness using their own students. Fast forward to May 2014, Pentaudi and Bernard teamed up this time with not for profit partner Rome Learning Center, Inc. with a mix or new and old cast members to produce a director’s cut of Middle School Madness. This performance fulfilled another dream to inspire 800 middle school students and their teachers at a school day show as a part of an anti-bullying campaign. Since then, Pentaudi and Bernard have streamlined the libretto and song selections for MSM to enhance its effectiveness in both delivery and performance and to make it simpler as a product for other teachers and organizations to use. As of to date MSM has premiered in September 2014 in Vienna, VA a suburb of Washington DC and internationally in Oporto, Portugal at CLIP International School spring of 2015.

James comes from a modeling background and still travels nationally teaching conferences and workshops in runway and modeling and continues to work hands-on with talent of all ages in these industries.


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