Production Packages

2015 Basic Production Package:

Starts at US $500.00 for a 75-90 minute one act version. Package includes the following:

Script as a PDF file

Show logo to use on your print and promotional materials.

Piano sheet music for the following songs

  • Middle School Madness (Cast number-Opening)
  • On The Bus (Cast number)
  • Lunch Menu
  • Ma’am Yes Ma’am
  • Tall/Short
  • Why Do They Hurt?
  • A Horrible Way To Say Adieu
  • Pretty Baby
  • Take It Away
  • Momma I’m Sorry
  • One Wonderful World

*Performance license for 2 FREE shows (with your performance dates on it) If there is an admissison charged you must inform us of the details. Royalties are assessed based on a case by case contingent upon ticketing information and attendance numbers.

A DVD of a show that was done with regular school kids. You will hear additional songs on this because it was “Producer’s Cut”

Upon completion of the performance ONLY the piano sheet music has to be returned to us. You may keep the script & logo CD as well as the DVD.

A la carte additional song selections rental: US $50/ea

  • Oh Daddy I’m Bored
  • Latina

You are completely free to make creative changes within the script and of course the key changes in the songs. We recommend that you do so to make it your “own” and have your school students relate within their school environment.

Production track of instrumentals as MP 3’s: US $75.00 rental fee. CD is to be returned upon completion of performance.


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