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July 2012 Full Production Reviews

 “My 13 year old daughter, Adrienne, who was adopted from Korea… She is very excited about the prospect of working with you since she had the pleasure of seeing Middle School Madness yesterday at MVCC. She absolutely loved it!!!!…and yes, Adrienne would love to talk to you about the play…she already has spoken to her school principal about it and would love for it to be accessible to the entire student body!”

Judi Smith, Utica, NY

 “I just wanted to let you know how much my parents and I enjoyed Middle School Madness. Everything from the music, to its message, to the funny lines was amazing. I wish I could go see it again. I really like how relevant it is to things that middle schoolers (and high schoolers) go through. It can be so difficult to deal with everything from breakups to bullies to drama queens, so to see it on stage in a live performance was just so cool. And it reminds kids that they aren’t alone, that other people often feel the same way as them, even if they don’t show it. I hope that someday soon kids everywhere can see it, because I think it can really change how people see one another, and kids can realize that sometimes their classmates aren’t as “emotionless” or “perfect” as they seem. And the acting was awesome, as well as the singing. I hope that I can see it again soon.”

Mackenzie Reed, Syracuse, NY

 “I have seen many musicals that tell beautiful stories, of princesses, and castles, fantasies that we all can get drawn into. I have seen the most talented of Broadway performers with the biggest and best costumes, and sets. This musical is different, it is special. It is a show people need to see. Middle School Madness is about real kids, with real issues…our kids. Each child has a story, and each actor portrays their role so beautifully it makes a real connection with the audience. Every song has a message, these children tell their stories with such enthusiasm and passion, you just can’t move from your seat. As an adult, it brings me to my youth- I remember them all, my best friends, the bullies, the crazy boys, and the kids who just didn’t fit in. As a parent, I can see what my children’s views on the world are. What’s unique about this show is that the characters are so real, and you feel a connection with each one of the kids, you laugh at their jokes, cry when they hurt (literally) and wish for their happiness and success. The cast is made up of a diverse group of youth, who are unbelievably talented. From the leads to the smallest roles, each one of these kids has such a way of sharing this story, you feel like you know them. The music is extremely catchy, which is why I am walking around singing about “feeling short”, even though I’m not. The pit musicians and the cast seem so flawlessly connected. The first time I went, I went to see what it was all about. The second time I came back for that special connection that these performers gave to the audience, and truly made it a magical theater experience. My hope is that this show gets the support and appreciation it deserves, it is a story that people, parents and children need to hear. It is a magical show.”

Patti Demma, New Hartford, NY

 “My 11 year old grandson and I enjoyed “Middle School Madness-the Musical” very much. It is truly a very real portrayal of what the children go through in Middle School today. My grandson will be starting in Middle School this fall and he found this play to be very informative as to some of the issues he’ll be facing soon. Next year my granddaughter will be going to middle school so I ordered the DVD to help provide her also with the same information. Thank you for this great production.”

Georgia Mann, Holland Patent, NY

 “Middle School Madness has great heart, memorable numbers, a powerful message and an engaging cast of talented young performers. This show would make for a terrific companion piece to High School Musical. It’s that entertaining!”

Paul Weber, Weber Casting, LA

 “I had the pleasure of seeing middle School Madness-The Musical at MVCC last weekend. First of all, it was clear to me by the quality of the performance that the cast put a lot of time and energy into this production. The whole cast was very talented…the singing, dancing, and acting was all first rate. The solo performances were amazing and the set and choreography were awesome. I really like the scenes where the cast froze in the background and the others spoke center stage. It really got your attention as to what they were saying.

As a thirteen year old middle school student myself, it was the message of the musical that was most meaningful to me. There were a lot of things in the show that relate to most teenagers but it’s hard for many teens to face the problems that the show addresses. I know students who are going through some of the same issues, so many of them can identify with the characters in the show.  Seeing Middle Scholl Madness will help teens understand that they aren’t alone. Parents and teachers can try to talk to you but sometimes it’s hard to get what they are saying. Having the message delivered by other kinds through music, song and dance makes it more believable. I would love to be in a show like this!”

Adrienne Smith, Notre Dame Jr./Sr. High School, Utica, NY

 Middle School Madness –The Musical is great entertainment for all ages. My teenage daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. We laughed, we cried, thoroughly touched by the relevant themes, beautiful lyrics, and terrific music. An upbeat and positive experience that is very impressive.”

Doris Polatin-New Hartford, NY

November 2011 Cabaret Reviews

“Having driven two hours from Albany to Clinton, NY in a potential ice storm, I found myself at the Academy of Performing Arts to watch a cabaret performance for a new musical “Middle School Madness.”  Like most things in life, I was questioning the reasoning for making this trek beyond that of supporting new artistic endeavors.  How wonderfully surprised and enlightened I became as this charming trip back to our anything but elementary past took hold of my imagination and memories.  Middle School Madness reminded me of all the concerns of my younger self, school lunch, cliques, and what is that girl in the hallway is talking about me and what if she’s not talking about me?!  The score is a combination of Steven Sondheim and Jim Steinman, playfully bouncing between genres.  The cast, starring twelve youth show humor and at times heartbreak.  The cast’s level of acting was superior with many stand-out moments.  The captains at the helm Jovita Bernard and James Pentaudi know how to craft a show that grabs your heart and mind.  Middle School Madness will be a huge hit summer 2012.  Don’t miss it, I know I won’t.”

Jon Russell Cring, Director, Film Producer

 “The performance was great covering all aspects of Middle School Students.  What stood out for me was it is a collaborative effort yet, they displayed individuality in their singing and acting.  You are on your way to the top.  A lot of thought went into this cabaret.”

Reverend Dr. Mary Webster

 “Entertaining.  There were some very talented kids!”

Bill Keeler, Radio personality

 “The team of professionals and cast at the Academy of Performing and Creative Arts deserves a standing ovation.  Middle School Madness is a successful endeavor!  I was delighted to be in the audience.”

James K. Cooley M.D.

 “I usually don’t take time to write reviews; products, service, or otherwise.  When I do write one, it has to be something extraordinary that made a lasting impression.  This will be one of them.  Last Saturday, November 12th, 2011, my wife and I attended a musical called “Middle School Madness” and we were mesmerized (more like captivated!) by the stellar performance given by the students.  We were awestruck by the amount of choreography and foot-moving tempo that the students performed let alone the intricate dancing routines!  It opened our eyes and ears of what middle-school students have to go through on a daily basis.  This performance brought us so much joy and laughter that is beyond words!  What can I say?  Outstanding?  Marvelous?  Spectacular?  My wife and I agree that it is all of the above and much more!  Keep up the good work!  This team of students has it all… charisma, charm, and a dash of musical magic!”

Benjamin Cheah, B.Sc., M.B.A.

 “The exuberance of the students brought fond memories of my teaching and working with a dramatics club in another “Middle School Madness.”  The production was realistic, the writing superb, and the music stimulating.  A must go see musical!”

Sylvia E. Hauser

 “Loved the show!  The music was great and something any middle schooler or parent of a middle schooler could relate to.  A very talented bunch of kids!”

Chris Szeles


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