High School Madness- It’s here with the Audition Announcement!


Who: Executive Producer-Rome Learning Center Inc.

Directors-APCA Productions/ Pi Publishing Inc.


Seeking: 10 girls, 10 boys.  Ages 14-21.  All must be able to pass as high school students.

Audition period: Ongoing

Where and how to audition: Two options to audition:

1)      A self-prepared audition video uploaded to youtube and the link sent via email, ClintonAPCA@gmail.com

2)      Call (315) 853-7309 or email the above email to set up a personal audition time in Clinton at APCA offices .

The audition-what to prepare

1)      choose one monologue that describes a situation that is high school relevant. It can be dramatic, comedic etc. and perform it-the monologue should be memorized and presented with some strong take or attack on the character speaking-that is, make the words come from you rather than you coming to the words.

2)      Provide a head shot and a performance dossier attached detailing your experience in stage/live productions and/or performances

3)      18-32 bars sung unaccompanied, 2 songs from the following genres of music: rhythm and blues, hip-hop, pop, classical, classic musical theater, jazz.

Rehearsal schedule: Rehearsals will be scheduled starting September 2015. Times will vary. A detailed schedule will be made available in August.

Performances: High School Madness-The Musical will be performed in a theater located within Oneida County. Anticipated performance dates is November 2015. 2-3 performances are planned with 1 anticipated day time school day performance.

Plot: This is a world premier and sequel to the very successful, previously released Middle School Madness-The Musical from 2012-2014. It is a musical documentary of the transition from middle school to high school of 16 friends and the challenges, growth and life experiences they have to face and decisions they have to make as they further their journey to becoming young adults. Three new songs will be released in this world premier of the high school version of this play; “Control”, “Squeeze” and “Wasted”

Info: Contact Jovita Bernard at (315) 853-7309 or email at ClintonApca@gmail.com

 The first release of High School Madness-The Musical is planned as an amateur production. Performers will not be remunerated. APCA productions is committed to objective casting and does not consider factors of race, gender or ethnicity in casting except when such factors are required by the playwright.


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